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Uncreative Mommy

This book that not only has some beautiful photos of butterflies, but also has a quote for each one by famous authors throughout history, such as, Emily Dickenson, Hans Christian Anderson, Robert Frost, Charles Dickens and Rudyard Kipling just to name a few.

What I love about this book is that the photos are actual photos of many different type of butterflies in their natural settings. The photos are so vibrant and colorful and shows just how wonderfully beautiful nature truly is.

This book can be found at Amazon, and also at Night Fire Publications. Please also visit their facebook pages Night Fire Publications and Cool Butterflies.

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Review of Flowers With Wings – Darlene ‘Dee’ Bishop

Darlene ‘Dee’ Bishop

I had no idea of the number of different types of butterflies until I read Flowers with Wings — A Collection of Butterfly Photos from NightFire Publications. Sure, I realized there were several. But some of the varieties are unbelievably intricate and unusual. For instance, the Indian Leaf Butterfly, when it’s wings are closed, looks like… well, a leaf. But when it opens its wings, you see this gorgeous, iridescent blue and gold and purple winged creature that is absolutely stunning. The change is incredible!

If you like butterflies or just colorful photos, you’ll thoroughly enjoy this ebook. It would actually do well as a coffee table book with all its bright colored photographs and short verses and quotes relating to butterflies. I’ve browsed through many coffee table books that couldn’t compare for quality and interest.

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Inspires an Addition to my Photography Bucket List

I love photography books, because the images inspire my photography, I love the photography tips, and some of the best books (in my opinion) have a story behind the images.

The Flowers With Wings digital photography ebook by Deborah Carney and Vinny O’Hare is a peaceful book that I found myself flipping through slowly. It’s perfect for someone who loves butterflies and at $4.99, it’s an affordable gift and stocking stuffer. What I love about the book is that it inspired an addition to my Photography Bucket List. I caught a portion of a documentary about the Monarch Butterflies and thought it would be amazing to capture a portion of their migration in South America. Until I get my act together and get my passport, I think I’ll visit a local butterfly exhibit and see what I can capture.
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Flowers With Wings Review by Natassja

Flowers with Wings eBook- Is very vibrant with it’s energetic pictures of a variety of Butterfly Photos and its unique quotes, proverbs and poetry about butterflies, that will touch any one. It was a very delightful experience for my eyes and my mind. For $6.95 you cant wrong, it is defiantly 28 pages of beauty!

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Flowers With Wings Review by Dawn

Flowers with Wings
A Collection of Butterfly Photos
Pages: 28
Format: Ebook [Kindle Edition]

I had the opportunity to review Flowers with Wings from Nightfire Publications which is a really neat compilation of butterfly pictures with Psalms, poems and quotes. The REALLY NEAT thing is that each picture has the actual name of the butterfly listed! My ds15 LOVES butterflies so we can even use this as a homeschooling tool. BONUS!

These photos are absolutely breathtaking! And the verbiage underneath is inspiring. I really enjoyed this ebook!
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Review of Flowers With Wings by Sally Ann

What a beautiful photo book. In Flowers With Wings (Kindle Edition) you will find 26 beautiful photos of butterflies, each with it’s own inspirational quote about butterflies. I personally love butterflies and am a huge fan of quotes, so I was blown away with this opportunity to review a book about two of my favorite things. The most calming and peaceful things in the world, butterflies are very majestic, is it any wonder fairies have butterfly wings?

Butterflies truly are beautiful creatures and that beauty is captured time and time again throughout the 28 pages of this eBook.
My favorite quote from the book is:
Happiness is a butterfly,
which when pursued,
is always just beyond your grasp,
but which, if you will sit down quietly,
may alight upon you.
~ Nathaniel Hawthorne, 1804-1864 ~
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Flowers With Wings Review by Erin

Most people who read this blog, don’t know the significance of the butterfly to me personally. I always have loved butterflies, they are free, they fly, and they change. They are truly to me what represent the cycle of life. I had a best friend once, who loved butterflies, and now when I think of her I see yellow butterflies. I know my favorite color is yellow, and before her passing her favorite thing was butterflies … I know when I see a yellow butterfly, it’s her letting me know she’s still with me.

When I was asked to review Flowers with Wings, I got excited. Not only do I love photography, but I love and adore butterflies. I started out by uploading it to my computer and you can purchase it too and upload it to yours! I then sat back and started looking at the photos. I truly enjoyed that the book had quotes along with the photos.
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Review of Flowers With Wings by Pamela

In Flowers With Wings you will find beautiful photos of butterflies, each with it’s own inspirational quote. I personally love butterflies and am a little jealous of the talented Deborah Carney and her amazing captures of these creatures. The most calming and peaceful things in the world, butterflies are small yet very majestic.

I like the little nugget of information about the butterfly with the combination of inspirational quotes. If your looking for a great EZ read to hand out this Holiday season this is the E-Book to buy.

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