Books for Review

Would you like to Review Our Books?

We have several eBooks and soon to be print books that we are glad to send to reviewers under the following conditions:

You will write a blog post about the book.
You will write a review here on NightFire Publications for the book.
You will post a link to your blog post on our Facebook Fan Page

We want your honest opinions of our books so we know how to make them better and books are supposed to evoke emotion, good or bad :) You will be sent the link to a PDF of the book(s) you choose for review. You will not share this link or pdf with anyone.

If you would like to do a giveaway of our books, you may, but we would appreciate extra entries for liking our Facebook Fan Page and our Twitter account For a limited time the link to download the books are available from the the confirmation page. If this is being abused (lots of downloads and no reviews) then access to that page will be discontinued.