Buddha Quotes and Photographs from Buddha Beach in Sedona Arizona

Buddha Beach, Sedona, ArizonaThis is a full color book of photographs, I have previewed it in black and white and it looks good on those Kindles also. It will display best on the Kindle Fire or on the color Kindle apps available for your computers and your devices (iPad etc)

Rock cairns populate the area known as Buddha Beach at the Cathedral Rock Vortex along Oak Creek in Sedona. There are literally hundreds of tiny hand crafted rock piles, made from rocks and stones along the shore.

Buddha Beach actually is part of Oak Creek where the creek widens and in warm weather people go wading and even swimming. People actually also cross the creek to get to the trails on the other side.

As I (Deborah Carney) was photographing the tiny (and not so tiny) rock structures I knew they had to be paired with quotes and sayings from Buddha. I hope you will enjoy this journey through Buddha Beach paired with some insightful quotations.

The photographs in this book are taken by myself, my daughter Liz, and her son Alec. I was going to identify who took what, but I don’t want to detract from the beauty of the images and the sayings they are paired with. I will say that I am proud to say that each of us contributed and individual attribution isn’t necessary. All the sayings in the book are attributed to Buddha.

Buddha quotes need to be read slowly for the meaning to come to you. Many are open to interpretation, which means you will read the meaning you need to see and hear. Each photo has its own message; you might have to look hard to find it.

I’m very happy that we went in the winter because we were able to see and experience things that would be hidden by leaves in the spring and summer. It was also nice to have a few people around, but not the large numbers that are in the area during the warmer seasons.

We are where we are supposed to be, when we are supposed to be there.

~ Deborah Carney

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