NightFire Inspiration Series

Inspirational Quotes for Writers

Inspirational Quotes for Writers

In print form this would be considered a “coffee table” book. We are pleased to offer coffee table photography and art for you to have in your Kindle which is much lighter than a coffee table book. :)

My son Daniel was a writer who passed away. His fiction will be published over the next couple of years as I get the manuscripts edited.

Daniel kept a file of all the quotes that inspired him. I have paired the quotes with some of my photography and art in the hopes that between them we can help writers get over writer’s block or even just give people a place to read and relax.

While the quotes included are aimed at writers, anyone can enjoy the photographs and art that are included, and the thought provoking quotes that are paired with the images.

The quotes and images included are not only inspirational; some are here to make you think. They are here to evoke emotion, whether it is relaxation, anger, agreement or debate.

This book has full color photographs that will display awesomely on the Kindle Fire, however they will also display well in black and white on the e-ink Kindles.

I would love to hear your feedback on the style and format of this book because I have an entire series planned and want to be sure they are formated in a way that is enjoyable.

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