Daniel Fogg’s Autobiography

“The reasonable man adapts himself to the world;
the unreasonable one persists to adapt the world to
himself. Therefore all progress depends on the
unreasonable man.”
-George Bernard Shaw
writer, Nobel laureate (1856-1950)

Author’s Autobiography – In his own words. He is no longer a student anywhere…
(Daniel Fogg 9/19/1980-5/13/2002)

Daniel Fogg is currently a junior in New York University’s dramatic writing program, a program that accepts only fifty students a year. He started writing at a very young age with a mystery novel that was incredibly bad. Then he moved to the fantasy genre and created worlds and civilizations from nothing, and tasted the power a pen can wield.

For years he worked on a fantasy novel, occasionally writing a short story or two. At sixteen he dropped out of high school, plagued by unexplained attacks of anxiety. Two years later he enrolled in college, and there he discovered the screenplay.

An idea for a character for ABC’s General Hospital forced him to delve into scriptwriting format. And in doing so he found a medium that has since held him in its grasp. In the two years since he’s written three screenplays, two television pilots, several spec scripts, and one full-length stageplay. His fourth screenplay is nearing completion, with many more projects vying for his attention. And in between those and school he’s starting a company called Agony Productions with five other screenwriters in New York, and serves on the Board as Artistic Director.


Produced, Irrational Rational, NYU Dept of Dramatic Writing’s 10-minute play festival 2001.

Finalist, WriteSafe Present-a-Thon, first quarter 2001, Malcolm in the Middle: Reese’s Hot Girlfriend.

Finalist, Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Summer Internship program 2000, 2002. (edited to add: Chosen in 2002, was unable to accept.)

Third Place, Broadcast Education Association (BEA) National Student Scriptwriting Competition 2000, Slay the Demons.

Honorable Mention, Writer’s Digest Annual Writing Competition 1999, Feature Article category.



Slay the Demons – When a random act of violence forces Brent Fischer to relive the traumas of his past, he’s forced to finally face down his demons or let them destroy him forever.

Age of Experience – An exploration of the difference between age and maturity seen through the eyes of two male prostitutes and a disabled college student. It’ll suck the funny right out of the room. And then you’ll get to the climax.

kiuljuk – An online plea from an old college friend fills Greg Mitchell with confusion. Because what happens online isn’t real life. That is, until it is.

kilran – Death in a funny suit


God’s Toilet – A fresh new sitcom starring five drinking buddies and one menace to society.

Star Trek: Apparite Wars – Space without the Federation.

Displaced – What do you do if your power goes out, and when it comes back on you’re trapped in the 40s? Fight the Nazis, what else?

Also several short plays and one full length play.